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Dynamic steam cleaning.

Yes we can. Our steam cleaning machine emits steam at a temperature of 71 degrees Celsius which kills all pathogens and bacteria.  If some of these escape the steam the UV light in our machine then takes care of any survivors, resulting in all surfaces and items we clean being fully sanitised.

Yes.  All cleaners wear a mask at all times.  We have hand sanitiser which we apply before entering your premises and re apply a few times during the day while cleaning.

Of course this all depends on what we are cleaning.  Our steam cleaner is one of the top and strongest industrial machines on the market.  It cleans deeper and better than most machines, so if what we are cleaning is very dirty it will therefore take longer.


Here is an idea though:

  • Fixed carpets (3m x 3m) – 1 hour
  • Rugs (2m x 4m) – 1 hour
  • Lounge Suites – (double seat fully upholstered) – 1 hour
  • Mattresses Single – 30 minutes
  • Queen/King – 45 minutes to 1 hour

Our steam cleaner extracts water as it cleans so carpets only take a few hours to dry after cleaning.  We do NOT leave carpets and upholstery drenched in water which take days to dry.

Dynamic Steam Cleaning is an owner run business and accompanies and assists with all cleaning appointments.


Our chemicals & equipment.

No our steam cleaner does not use any chemicals, just hot water and steam.  We do make use of diluted vanish carpet cleaner if we have to deal with stubborn stains though.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the removal of all stains and marks.  Some stains are very old and very stubborn and impossible to remove no matter what you do.  We do try our very best though.

If load shedding interrupts the days cleaning then we will return the following day to finish.  There are load shedding schedules available for all areas so we always look at these and plan the cleaning around the power cuts to ensure minimum interruption.

All we will require from you is access to a power plug to operate the machine and water from an outside or inside tap as well as a drain to throw the dirty water away.  As we don’t use chemicals in our cleaning we often pour the water onto your garden plants thereby minimizing our waste.