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Steam Cleaning


Before we begin to clean your carpet we first do a vacuum to remove any of the loose dirt.  Our machine has a very strong engine so extracts much more dust and dirt than your average household vacuum cleaner. After the vacuuming we begin with the deep steam clean.  The steam cleaner extracts water as it cleans so your carpets are not left sopping wet after the clean and normally dry within a few hours after cleaning.


We always take your rugs to a suitable area outside or garage floor.  Like with fixed carpets we first vacuum the back and top side of the rug.  We then proceed to deep clean the back of the rug and then the top.  Like fixed carpets the rugs also take a few hours to dry after cleaning.

We always try to take lounge suites to a suitable outside area to clean.  Once again we first vacuum the furniture before deep cleaning with hot water and steam extraction.  They also take a few hours to dry after cleaning and if we can place them in the sun then they dry even quicker.


Sometimes due to the size of the mattress and the space we have available in homes we have to clean the mattress inside and on the mattress base.  This is not a problem, as we dry up any spilt water after we are finished.  We vacuum the mattress first on both sides before deep cleaning both sides with hot water and steam extraction.  If the mattress is “sleep on one side only” we generally only deep clean the sleeping side but do vacuum the underside. Once again the mattress takes a few hours to dry after cleaning.

Office & Dining Chairs

We take all chairs outside or to a suitable cleaning area where we first vacuum the cushions and then deep clean the chairs with hot water and steam extraction.

Showers & Tiling

Dry steam is a very effective Eco-friendly way of removing mildew in showers as well as the dirt from tile grout, leaving your shower looking like new.  Dry steam also removes lime scale from shower doors etc however this is not always guaranteed as sometimes the limescale is very old and hard and almost impossible to remove.

Vehicle Interior - Valet

We clean the entire interior of the car. Seats/carpets/boot/roof are first vacuumed and then cleaned with hot water and steam extraction.  The dashboard and all plastic areas are cleaned and treated with a “dash treatment”.  Dry steam is very effective on removing tar and brake dirt from wheel rims and body work so this can be done as well if needed.

General Cleaning

We also offer general steam cleaning services. This is if you are looking for your tiled floors, kitchen and room cupboards and surfaces etc to be steam cleaned.